Current update on Corona situation in Sweden

Just 3 days ago the Prime minister announced restriction on a gathering of 50 or more people. Still the schools, restaurants and stores are open here.

The government says that the virus spread is flat now and the affected people rate is increasing very slow compared to other countries. The situation is really very confusing for the residents living in Sweden.

‘To go out or not to go’ is the question. I mean everyday there is a dilemma whether we should go out or not as the responsibility is completely ours and not of the government. Also the Swedish government has stated in the past that it is just the flu. Since there are no strict measures for going out or eating out in restaurants, you can still find people outside roaming freely.

Also the weather is suddenly so sunny and good which is kind of tempting for people to go outside and take some pleasure in the sunny warm weather. There is so much uncertainty in the atmosphere here and a big cause of anxiety for people who have been in self isolation period decided proactively by themselves since the beginning of march waiting in hope that the government will lock down soon. So when the government does lock down, it will be all the more pressure on those people.

There is a serious concern about the economy too. I think the more the delay in lock down decision, the more the economy will suffer.

The Pre schools are open too especially for the parents who are working and have nobody to care for their children.

I myself have been on self quarantine since 1 month and its taking a toll on my mental health, There is only so much you can do at home and there is only so much you can entertain yourself and kids at home.

I pray for everyone’s health and for this pandemic to be over soon. I will keep updating you all from time to time. Stay tuned for the updates.

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