Is it lonely in Sweden?

Hello friends, here I am again with a new topic about Sweden lifestyle here.

As you must have known by now, I am extremely social person and it has been so difficult for me to make friends here in Sweden. First of all, people are so reserved and everyone has a core group where it is difficult to enter.

So you have to form a group of your own and make plans only with that group. I find this so childish and ridiculous that I just feel awkward to even write about it now.

In India, when I was in Bangalore, I had friends from karnataka, chennai, mumbai, pune, hyderabad and I never faced this problem. but being far away from my home land, I faced this issue and I in my own way have been trying to get the community to be more open and come out of their caves.

If you are planning to come and settle in sweden, you need to be aware that social life will be compromised. Mostly you need to do your own thing and spend time with family. The maximum number of close friends you will have is 2 to 3 families with whom you can share your joys and sorrows.

You have to take initiative all the time and make friends, invite them over, find something to keep yourself occupied and engage yourself in activities.

People usually keep to themselves and it can get pretty lonely here. But my advice is please do not stay at home. Get out of the house at least once a day. You have several groups on facebook you can be a part of, join SFI and learn swedish where you can meet people. Join a book club and or engage in your passion, that might be cooking, dancing, singing or reading.

Please do not indulge in self pity as that might easily lead you to depression and serious illnesses. On top of that, the lack of sun make you dull and lethargic. I highly recommend physical activity or yoga which will help you to release stress from your body and help you to be present.

I do not want to scare you but self help will be the best help here. And getting into your favourite things will be a life saviour and I am sure you will thank me for this.

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