Housing crisis in Sweden

Hello Friends,

It has been a long time since I wrote here. I was pretty caught up in the nitty gritty of life and especially living in Sweden.

But now I am going to write frequently as I have realised writing gives me a sense of freedom and this I feel it’s the best form of expression for me.

So today I thought I will write about the top most thing lurking in my mind and that is housing. I mean the housing situation is so bad right now that you have to literally stay in shared apartments consisting of 10 people in one house. This area is completely in the hands of the government and It is extremely tough to find a house these days.

The rent is skyrocketing and people who have come here to earn and save are paying half of their salaries in rent. A single bedroom apartment is costing 11000 kr per month. Also huge deposits are being taken and then when the time comes to return the deposit, the landlords find good reasons not to return the full amount. So just to be careful, make sure you keep cleaning the house as much as possible as you are expected to return the house cleaner than you were given .

The government led organisations like Boplats take years to give you a house with first hand contract. So you have no other option but to stay in a house with second hand contract which is very rare to find long term which in turn results you to keep moving houses every 6 months.

I see every day new people coming to Sweden from different countries and wonder will this housing problem ever be solved?

So there are only 3 sites where you can look for a house. those are :




I am not a person with negative comments. I am extremely positive person but I have just lost my patience with this housing issue and let us just hope that they build more houses sooner than later.

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