Life as a working mom

Just 1 and a half month before I started working in Sweden. It is a 9 to 5 job based in customer service. My baby is one and a half year now and does not go to school.She will be starting school / daycare in 1 month.
When I went for the interview , I did not know that I am going to get the job so I had not created a plan for the famous question “who will take care of the baby” . So first 15 days my husband took his parental leave and I worked full time. And then next month my husband worked 50 percent ,so when my husband took care of my baby in the morning, I took care of her in the afternoon when he went to office,  I worked too in the afternoon after putting my daughter to sleep. When she woke up, I would have finished working.then I would cook for the dinner as well as for the next days lunch.
This schedule was a little busy but still we could manage this well alongwith spending time with my daughter so that she was not left alone with strangers. I doubt this would have been possible in India.
In Sweden parents share total of 480 days of leave between each other which both can share. Except for the 3 months leave which is mandatory for a father to take in order to spend time with his child. This is such a nice policy since a father gets quality time without worrying about money to spend time with the kid because salary is been paid for this period as well. You can take this parental leave till child turns 7 years old so there is no hurry.
Also my commute is 1 hour but it is quite manageable because there is very less or no traffic so I used to have energy to go home and cook in the evening. In the beginning couple of days was so tough for me to leave my baby for full 8 hours but at the back of my mind I knew she is well taken care of by my husband.
Each day I was so grateful to god that I got this opportunity to work as well as spend time with my daughter which is so rare to see in India.

In India either we have to depend heavily on maids and daycare or else quit the job or depend on in laws . So the laws here support parents a lot and the policies are quite standard in all companies here. Work culture is so different here than India. Everyone is so polite and nice .Everyone follows their own job profile and nobody tries to dominate each other. There is equality in opinions and wishes. There is basic line of trust among all so there are never unnecessary questions asked .I really loved the work culture here and I doubt now whether I will be able to work in India after working here.

Also due to my sales and marketing profile, I never had weekends off in India. But here i have weekends off which allows me to spend quality time with my daughter and do activities which makes her happy. And not only for me but everyone has weekends off here . Overall you get to spend quality time with family here which is a real luxury.

Also here we have something called as VAB which allows any of one parent to stay at home if your child is sick and still get paid. Also if you yourself are sick then leaving first day, remaining days you stay home , you get paid for that by the government.
So overall working here gives you mental peace and quality family life too.
So I just wanted to give a basic idea of how work culture is and a little glimpse of it.

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