Help me, Help me not!

We always feel that it’s our right to ask help to others and others  are supposed to help us.I have seen people around me hate other people who were successful in life but didn’t help them.They feel these people are so mean and bad that inspite of having everything why are  they not helping them?

We all have childhood and teenage beliefs which are so firm in our minds that it takes a lot of time to change it.It takes us lot of years to change those beliefs and one of them being, until and unless you help yourself and achieve something on your own ur never going to appreciate it, no matter how much you try ,you tend to not appreciate if it comes in a platter for you or if you didn’t have to earn that particular thing.

In sweden education and health care is free for kids.That means right from childbirth there is no expense to incur for kids untill they turn 18 years of age.So in fact parents need not do anything for their kids financially.

One day I was just walking on road and a small 2 year old boy fell down.My instinct was to help that kid to get on his feet,but the mother signaled me not to and she let the kid get up on his own.It was so surprising for me to see that, because In india I have seen so much fuss and cry when a small kid falls down.I am really amazed to see so many grandparents walking around here, some with sticks and some without. Inspite of being so old they carry their own luggage, their own grocery bags, their own stuff and they do not ask for any kind of help. Rather, funny thing is I am actually scared to help anyone here fearing they might get offended. So I think teaching others to help themselves is the way forward.So you tend to appreciate help when you get it and value it much more.

In india a couple gets married and starts earning or rather starts creating their own empire for whom? For kids ofcourse.We Indians want our kids to enjoy every luxury and comfort available in the world.For us, our kids are our entire universe and we try to build properties and wealth for our kids.We spend 10..20..30 years of our life in providing and building a safe world for our kids.Then the kids grow up.They pursue their careers and fly away for better opportunities. Then old parents blame their kids and get bitter that their kids are worthless and they didn’t take care of them and left them to fend for themselves alone.

And the cycle continues.It has been there past so many decades and generations.We keep expecting and keep getting disappointed and keep getting bitter and keep spreading that negative thoughts around and spoiling the environment. Why?

I think we need to change and stop the cycle. Here parents are not providing for their kids financially so kids are independent and so are the parents. Kids after growing up earn on their own and build their empires on their own. So parents need not sacrifice their hobbies and interests. Kids and parents are free to live their own lives.There is no need to save here, truth is you need to pay fine if you save money in bank here.

So the policy here is spend as you earn which was so damn shocking for me as we are used to “The habbit of saving”.Rather most of the times in our minds the only discussion goes on is “how much I have saved now and how much I need to save more”

So I think it’s quite a refreshing change after coming here.So people ,live life to the fullest and do all the things which you always wanted to do like for example write a blog or go fishing.

One thought on “Help me, Help me not!

  1. I was working there for tha La gustosa ristorante last 3month20day .my owner didn’t give mi any thingh about my work
    Yesterday he told mi now you can go I don’t have work I don’t have money I can’t help you,I will cancel your work contract if you want to go any where you can go.
    This is my story please tel me want have to go ????
    Please help mi
    I am Viky punia

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