First month with a new born

Hello friends, so when I came home with my baby I was given no instructions about eating or drinking. Basically in Sweden there are no rules for new moms in regards what to eat or what not to eat. Unlike India where there is a huge list of dos and donts.also for 40 days there is confinement period wherein new mom and baby are not supposed to step outside of home in India.
Where as here I was on my feet 6th day post delivery. I was given painkiller prescription for 2 weeks as I had stitches and my stitches healed completely in 6 weeks. I started walking on 10th day post delivery and I will really like to recommend walking for new moms who have got natural birth to walk as it really relieves all the soreness in your legs. But mentally I had fully mixed emotions and was in kind of trance of what is happening. You are kind of scared of and for this little baby who is completely dependent on you. You don’t know what is right or wrong. You just have to go with the flow as slowly everything starts falling in place.
In sweden, a nurse from Bvc ( Barn vard central) comes to your house to check your baby for the first time. Later all your appointments are scheduled in the clinic .For first 2 months you have appointment every week since baby is too small and also being a first time parent you need all the help possible. There is a dedicated nurse for your child who looks after your baby’s development right from her first visit till baby is 7 years old.So every week they check baby’s weight, height and head circumference. You are given a small book to keep which you need to carry every time you visit Bvc wherein all your present and future appointments are recorded. Also all the vaccinations which are to be given are mentioned in the book so you are aware what to look for.

Also you can ask them end number of questions and the nurse answers all your queries patiently and lovingly with a smile on her face.

I had all the fears and worries of a new mom. My body was sore, I was struggling for breastfeeding, and to top it my baby decided not to sleep at night at all for the first 2 and half months.
On this topic of sleepless nights, I would like to share my personal experience. When I think back now I’m totally surprised that how did I manage being awake entire night rocking her, singing to her, feeding her, listening to her loud cries, doing household chores the next day and still not losing my sanity. This is really totally insane. I think god gives moms all the required essentials and magic powers to raise a baby once she becomes a mom. Because you absolutely do not know anything about a baby beforehand. And the surprising part is you don’t even feel angry on the baby since its so small and tiny to understand anything what you are going through. In no time this small little creature becomes your entire world. Your daily and hourly schedule revolves around your baby’s sleeping and eating schedule.

It is no doubt that a small little baby can make anyone dance on her fingers….
When I visited Bvc first time I felt so relaxed.My baby’s nurse made me feel comfortable. The place is completely child friendly. There are toys everywhere. There are colour co ordinated toys , books in every room. Even in the passage there are colourful danglers which attracts the eyes of babies and makes them happy.
In my 7th month itself, I was given a list of Bvc’s to select from  whichever is near to my house so that we don’t have to travel far with baby. Then when you reach home with baby you just have to call Bvc and inform them that you are home so then they give you a day and time to visit your little baby. Later post 2 weeks I received a letter to visit the main hospital for ears check up.So basically a midwife checks baby’s both ears whether the hearing function is normal. Everything is so systematic here that you are relaxed and sure that your baby is in safe hands.
So this is how I learnt and managed to handle my new baby in her first month which I agree is the most tough thing, but slowly you get the hang of it.

Keep coming here as I narrate my each  month experiences with my baby while in a new country.

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