Baby is tongue tied?

In the second month, I was just starting to get the hang of handling my baby.Things were getting normal day by day.There was still no sign of baby sleeping at night.It felt like this is never going to end and I’m stuck.Seriously u feel this at many times but when ur baby smiles or looks at u then u forget everything and trust me these tough times do not last forever.

During this time we were visiting baby’s clinic every week as first 2 months you are supposed to visit every week.We were happy that inspite of being pre mature my baby was gaining weight and looked healthy.But still there were so many questions lurking in my mind like my baby was not having proper hold while drinking milk and she used to loose her hold and I was literally bending so low so that she could feed.I was having terrible backache but u tend to forget all pains for the sake of your baby and I thought this is normal. But when we visited our nurse as scheduled we got a shocking news that my baby is tongue tied.I didnt understand fully when doctor told me about it.I was in shock.But the nurse and doctor assured us that it’s nothing to worry about and we need to do a small procedure to get it cut to avoid further problems.

After coming home I did proper research about tongue tied and got assured that it is not dangerous if we take all the care and treat it at the right time.Only if ignored it creates problems with baby’s speech etc. So we were given an appointment with Ent surgeon.I remember being so tensed and weepy just night before the procedure thinking about such a small baby going under so much trouble at such a small age.But to my delight the procedure took just 2 mins.I was asked to hold my baby still and the doctor took a small scissor and performed a small cut under baby’s tongue and it was done.Then I was asked to feed my baby in another room. I was so relieved because my baby didn’t cry at all and she started playing post her feed and was just so very normal.

So I’m so relieved and grateful to doctors here that firstly they identified the problem and solved it so efficiently with utmost care. Due to this my baby could drink my milk better and she had a good hold. Also her stomach was fuller and hence she cried less.
My advice to new moms is that people say babies are supposed to cry as they are just babies but in my experience babies do not cry without a reason. So please find that reason and help your babies to smile.

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