Attitude is Gratitude

Pain is so raw and real.It shows us our true self.You cannot escape pain and when it hits you , only you alone have to face it.Nobody can face it for u.

I have observed everyone feels their pain is the worst and other people’s pain is not.Actually everyone has their pain tolerance levels and it cannot be compared.It is that simple.But we don’t do that.

We embrace our own pain whole heartedly and wallow in our tears thinking nobody understands you and also we keep hating others because they don’t have that pain.
In life it’s the same .We all think our life is full of pain and struggles and challenges until you stumble upon someone else having greater problems than you.The ┬átruth is there is always someone having greater pain or greater suffering or greater struggle than you.This realisation itself can set you free and make you a happier and a stronger person.

So be empathetic to others.Try and understand others. Because everyone is facing pain at their level.Though you can’t do anything about it, the least what we can do is understand, listen and support.

Half the pain can be resolved by just being there or by just listening.

The feeling of someone just being there for you is self healing itself .

We are so busy judging others that we forget to see their pain and suffering.We are busy thinking that other people’s life is better than ours.But remember grass is greener always on the other side.

Attitude is gratitude.The power of gratitude is immense.The moment you are happy with your life and with whatever you have, trust me nothing or no outer force can make you sad or insecure.It is real freedom.Try it and see for yourself.

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